Andy Summers

"I’ve shot with film all my life. My favourite camera was the Leica M6 for a great portion of my photographic career. In 2012, traveling across all Asia, I carried 90 rolls of film, at a certain moment, it simply became quite difficult. The digital Leica M Monochrom came out and was basically the same camera – only now digital. So it was a natural move. The digital color cameras weren’t of much interest to me. The Monochrom accepted all the great Leica lenses, so I was off and running. Not for any huge preference of digital over film, but mainly because of convenience. I shoot almost always on the 50mm lens. I’ve shot black and white, almost exclusively, never done any exhibit in color (yet). I always perform best when I stick with one single thing. I believe I do better photography when shooting in black and white and not getting confused by any other medium. I’ve refined it to a point where I know what I want to shoot, how to handle the camera and keep it relatively simple.

The golden era for musicians is over. You don’t sell records today like we used to. With my band, we sold over 100 million records. How can artists do this today? The joy of going to a record store and discovering new music, it’s not there anymore…online, maybe?

It’s a different game now. It doesn’t take away the urge to create and to continue recording new music. I personally feel like the music I’m making now is a closer equivalent of my photography; that’s were I’ve come to as an artist. You listen to my last record “Metal Dog”, and you get that message, that same sensibility." - Andy Summers

Join us July 21, 2016 at the Leica Gallery LA for the Opening Reception of Summers' "Bones of Chuang Tzu". Show runs through September 6, 2016.


Andy Summers - Andy Summers

21.07.2016 - 06.09.2016

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